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 A Brief History of Explosia a.s. in Data

Rise of independent Czechoslovak Republic on October 28th, 1918 brought about the call for establishing of modern army inevitable for the sovereignty of the new state to be assured. Under complicated political situation simultaneous establishing of defense industry appeared to be necessary, capable of ensuring the needs of our own army. Production of explosives that is, beyond any dispute, important part of defense industry, is indispensable for ensuring the needs of any modern army. The fact, that production of explosives on the territory of the new state was dispersed in a series of small companies and prevailingly in the hands of foreign capital, lead after many complicated negotiations conducted ever since 1919 to the decision to build a new factory for production of explosives.

A Brief Survey of Historical Data

March 23, 1920 Foundation Meeting of the "Czechoslovak Joint-stock Company for Explosive Materials" in Semtín
May 6, 1920 Approval of preliminary conception plan of a new factory serving as the documentation for selection of suitable locality
December 23, 1920 Licence Charter issued granting authorization for monopoly production of explosive materials
December 1920 Purchase of land in Semtín at Pardubice
1921 Commencement of building of Departments L (production of black powder) and C (production of explosives)
1922 Production of black powder and industrial explosives started
1923 Building of Departments A (nitroglycerine), F (production of acids), E (nitrocellulose) and H (trinitrotoluene) completed
1924 Production started in department B (smokeless powders)
1928 Building started of affiliated plant Synthesia - production of inorganic compounds inevitable for production of explosives
1934 The company renamed Explosia a.s.
1946 Rise of SYNTHESIA n.p. (national enterprise) - by merging Explosia a.s. and Synthesia
1948 Rise of East Bohemian Chemical Works (VCHZ) n.p.
1954 Establishing of the "Research Institute of Industrial Chemistry" (VÚPCH)
1990 The use of name Explosia for the "Plant 05 - Special Production" of VCHZ n.p. renewed
1998 Explosia a.s. established, subsidiary company of Synthesia a.s.
1999 Rise of "Business Unit Explosia" by merging VÚPCH and Plant 05-Explosia
January 23rd, 2002 Government Decree No. 89/2002 on change of Business Unit Explosia ownership structure - assignment of state proprietary rights
May 30th, 2002 Property deposit of Business Unit Explosia into Explosia a.s.
June 1st, 2002 Commencement of production and commercial activity of Explosia a.s., as Aliachem a.s. subsidiary

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