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Explosia a.s. is production and trading company operating primarily in the field of production of explosives and services associated with application of energetic materials for commercial as well as military use. Explosia a.s. is the holder of the Certificate of Facility Security Clearance, allowing access of the facility to classified information up to the level “CONFIDENTIAL“, issued by the National Security Authority of the Czech Republic according to Section 121 of Act No. 412/2005 of Coll. on protection of classified information and security capacity (Certificate).
The company was established in 1920 and since then it has existed in a series of various forms and business groups - from an independent joint-stock company through the plant within greater company units back to self-managing company (since June 1st, 2002). Explosia a.s. holds an important position in the field of explosives and propellants in the Czech Republic market, and it is also an important exporter, primarily to EC countries.

The companies owned by Explosia a.s.: Istrochem Explosives a.s..


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